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Mission: "We organize the world in a fun & colorful way!"
About Us is a manufacturer of educational tools for children to learn about time and time management in a fun and delightful way. Since 1995, Inner Works has offered four innovative products that stimulate children to find and explore their creativity, identity, and originality while providing a forum for parents to interact with their children.

Inner Works was given its name by owners and founders Fanny Chin and Richard Fichtl who believe that the "best works come from within". For an adult, it may mean living and working authentically -- truer to one's nature. For a child, it may mean reaching within to express creativity and originality rather than looking for external identification in this multi-media world.

Since 1995, Inner Works has made a commitment to offer high quality, high value products that meet the needs of consumers looking for an alternative in educational toys and games. Inner Works' "back-to-basics" products appeal to the heart of parents and children for the simplicity and honesty they bring back to every day lifestyles.

Inner Works aspires to develop back-to-basics products that inspire your mind and speak to your heart. We invite you to come and know Inner Works and be encouraged. Allow your child-like heart and creative mind to become inspired and renewed by what you see.


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About Creative Calendar

Creative Calendar Portolio Edition, Inner Works' flagship product, has proven to meet Fanny and Rick's vision. Creative Calendar offers children a fun and creative way to learn calendar time by encouraging children to express on paper the activities in their lives. Using over 500 hoiday and activity stickers and eight washable markers, children keep track of their busy schedules by stickering, coloring, and drawing on the blank calendar. Whatever a child is into doing, whether it is soccer, piano, ballet, or going to the zoo, he or she can unload creative ideas on the calendar. When a child is finished creating a month, he or she is left with a canvas of art,, a mixture of colorful and creative pictures that represent his or her desires, dreams, and goals. In essence, Creative Calendar is A CELEBRATION OF LIFE! This filled-up calendar can later be used as a diary or journal, saved and cherished by parents and grandparents for years to come.
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