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This Glirbles™ Get it done Job and Reward chart is just what kids need to learn how to be more organized. In fact kids really teach themselves how to be organized by providing for their own rewards when things get done. There's even room enough to include mom and dad on the chart too! Adorable, yet cool, out of this world Glirbles™ help guide everyone through a week of things to do while making jobs fun. Rewards yourselves at the end of the week with a movie or your favorite food. Doing chores has never been this much fun. You get a write on/wipe off chart, dry erase marker, 28 reusable Job Stickers, 21 reusable reward and coach stickers, 45 reusable yellow stars, and 24 reusable targets. The Glirbles™ Chart gives you a way to organize the whole family or just yourself!
Suggested Retail = 9.99

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