Creative Calendar® SPORTS

Huntington Station, New York - The new addition to the Inner Works family is a "Start Any Month of the Year" 12-month calendar that is geared to children who love sports and their parents who love watching them play. "The enthusiasm for this product has been remarkable," says Fanny M. Chin, president and co-founder of Inner Works Enterprises, Inc. "Parents get very excited when talking about their kids and the sports they play . . . parents are proud of the team sports their children are involved in and the individual sports they excel in."

With over 880 activity stickers featuring 15 team and individual sports from baseball to soccer,
Creative Calendar® SPORTS helps parents and their children keep track of practices, meets, home games, away games, carpooling, team photos, award ceremonies, and more. Creative Calendar® SPORTS is the
"ultimate sports organizer"
for families on the run and especially "soccer moms" who carpool neighborhood kids from field to field, practice session to practice session.

"It used to be that kids would play stick ball or dodge ball in the street," says Chin, "Not so today. Moms and dads are driving their kids to gymnastics, martial arts, swimming, and skating lessons, and watching their kids at practices and games on weekends. Children in sports is a growing market especially now with soccer being the phenomenon that it is."

Similar to Inner Works™ flagship product Creative Calendar® Portfolio Edition, Creative Calendar® SPORTS encourages children to learn about time and time management and motivates them to take pride in what they do every day. Also included in the product are motivational stickers for cheering kids on while they work hard at their sport, and magnets for holding the calendar on the refrigerator so the whole family can see what events come next. "We hope that we will make parents' lives a little more pleasurable with our new product," says Chin.


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